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Arts & Crafts of Bihar


The state of Bihar is rich in its arts and crafts, which is quite evident from the fact that it is home to some of India’s first paintings, including the famous Madhubani paintings and the miniature paintings done on paper and leaves, wall decorations, patchwork, applique work and local handicrafts.

Mithila, a region situated to the north of Bihar, is the place where the Madhubani paintings are believed to have originated. These paintings are Bihar’s most unique folk art, done on either paper or canvas by the women of Mithila.

The Miniature paintings make use of leaves or paper and depict the lives of Buddha or Mahavira. They are sold to the pilgrims and tourists in Bodh Gaya and are quite popular.

Bihar is also famous for stone pottery, white metal statuettes, bamboo artifacts, wooden toys and leather goods. Wood inlay is another ancient craft quite famous here. In this craft, the craftsmen use different wood and metal to create inlaid designs for table toys, wall plaque and trays. In north Bihar, a special grass called Sikki is found which when dyed in bright colours and woven with the natural grass makes excellent attractive baskets, boxes and figures.