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Library – List of Books

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S. No.Book NameQty.Author
1The Art of Nagarjunikonda1P. R. Ramachandra Rao.
2India1Roli Books International
3Maurya And Post Maurya Art1Niharranjan Ray
4Khajuraho Pictorial1Ashoka Publications
5Master Pieces of Indian Crafts Manship In Marble And Sand Stone.1Rustam J. Mehta
6Calambur Sivaramamurti1Harry N. Abrams- Inc. Publishers New York
7Birbhum Terracottas1Mukul Dey
8Lalit Kala1Moti Chandra
9Lalit Kala1Moti Chandra
10Lalit Kala1Moti Chandra
11Lalit Kala1Moti Chandra
12Lalit Kala1Moti Chandra
13Lalit Kala1Moti Chandra
14Schopfungen Indischer Kunst1Verlag M. Dumont Schauberg Koln
15Master Pieces of Indian Bronzes.1R. Nagar Wamy
16In Praise of Hoysala Art1Marg Publications
17Sculpture On Buildings1Universe Books New York
18An Album Of Indian Sculpture1C. Sivaramamurti
19Birds And Animals In Indian Sculpture1C. Sivaramamurti
20Indian Primitive Art1Ajit Mookerjee
21Art of Far Lands1W. S.B. Forman
22Temples Of India1Ministry of Information and Broadcasting
23Visages de India medievate179 Photographies Originales
24North-East Frontier Of India1K.L. And Gisela Mehta
25Japanese Art (2000)1Peter C. Swann
26Indian Folk Arts and Crafts1Jasleen Dhamija
27Alhole Badaml Mahakuta Pattadakal1Marg Publications
28Pictorial Dictionary Of Ancient Rome1Fpederick A. Pralger Publisher
29Tibetan Religious Art1Columbia University Press- New York
30Nataraja1C. Sivaramamurti
31Art of India1Harry N. Abrams Inc. New York
32Indian Art1D.B. Taraporevala Sons & Co. Ltd.
33The Life of The Buddha1Anil De Silva-Vigier
34The Art of Indian Asia1Jaseph Compbell
35Treasures of Indian Art1The Premier Automobiles Ltd.
36Lalit Kala1Moti Chandra
37Rare Sculptures1National Museum, New Delhi
38Indian Bronzes And Metal Sculpture1Rustam J. Mehta
39Indian Mythology1Paul Hamlyn
40Art of India And South-East Asia1Hugo Munsterberg
41India Muveszete1Baktay Ervin
42Pallavas1O. C. Gangoly, A. Goswami
43Saga of Indian Sculpture1K. M. Munshi
44Memories of the Archalological Survey of India.1C. Sivaramamurti
45The Hindu View of Art1Mulk Raj Anand
46The Erotic Sculpture of India1Max-Pal-Fouchet
47Art Treasures From the East1H.P.E. Visser
48The Vertical Man1W.G. Archer
49Looking Again At Indian Art1Vidya Dehejia
50The art and Architecture of the Ancient Orient1Published By Penguin Books
51Approach to Greek Art1Charles Seltman
52Indian Arts And Crafats1……………………..
53Aux Indes1Odette Monod- Bruhl
54India The Country and ITS Traditions1Margaret Ledesert M.A.
55viBfu; ¼Chinese½…………………….
56Dance And Magic Drama In Ceylon1Beryl De Zoete
57Indian Asia1Philip Rawson
58Kushana Sculptures From Sanghol.1S.P. Gupta
59Le Décor La Sculpture Khmers1Henri Marchal
fe’ysfu;l f’kYi
S. No.Book NameQty.Author
1A Survey of British Industrial Arts1Henry of Dowiling
2Ornamography1By N. B. Havkin, by Dr. T.H. Motzkin
3British Marine Life1C. M. Yonge.
4Art And Everyman1Margaret H. Bulley BT Bats Ford Ltd.
5A Hand Book of Bengal School1Laxmi P. Sihare
6The Fortune Tellers.1Black Watch New York
7The Human Figure And Lettering1By V.V. Kumar B.A.
8Builder1R. V. Pandit
9Australian Aboriginal Art1By Ronald M. Berndt, R. P. Elkin
10Modern Art1By Roger Brunyate
11Portable Wood Working Power Tools1By Ray E. Haines.
12L.P. Habets of Ignwriters1By F. delamotte and J. A. Ainsllie
13Paniker1By B. C. Sanyal
14Satish Gujral1By R. Chatterji
15The Antique Collectors1By David Mountield
16Folk Art of Primitive Peoples1Frederick A. Praeger
17Herbert Road Modern Sculpture1Artes Graficas Toleda S.A.
18Norwegian Arts and Craffts Design1Knut Borge and Ksell Munch
19Things to Make And Do1Koninklijke Nederlandse
20Creating With Paper1By Pauline Johnson
21The Journal of Indian Art Part-11Rakhi Chand Marli
22Crafts And Hobbies1The Reader’s Digest Association Pleasantille
23Things to Make And Do1The Reader’s Digest Association
24The A. Z. of Handicrafts1By Mandarin Publishers limited
25Modern Art1By S.P.A. D.E.M. and A.D.A.G.P.
26Wrought Iron Work1By W.S. Eawell qpsulich.
27Handicrafts Of India1By Director General
28Great Archite eture of the World1Mitchell beazler
29What is Art?1By Johan Canaday
30Collacting Oriental Antiques1By Dries Blitz
31Readers Diges Complete Guide to Sewing1By Dianippon Printiny Cd (H. K) Ltd.
32The Thalcher’s Craft1Farrold and Sons
33Picasso and His Art1A. E. Gallatin Collection
34Decorate Without a Decorator1Mary Gilliatt
35Shopping in India1By The Director Publications
36Things of Beauty Vidya Dehejia1Indraprastha
37Interior Decoration1Marshall Lee and Betty K. Crumley
38Embraidery1Marshall Gavendish
39Interoducing India1K. Ramakrishnan
The Living Arts of India
1Smithsonian Institution Press Washington D.C.
41How to Make Built in Furniture.1F.W. Dodge Corporation
42Twentieth Century Race1Mills and Boon Limited London
43Fire neeting Crafts1Malcom D Wrignt
44Treasure Of World Art1Nichola’s Fry
45Indian Architecture1Claude Batley
46Chinese Art1Daisy Lion- Goldschmidt.
47Living Tradition of Iran’s Craft’s1Jasleen Dhamija
48Vorbildlich Wohnen1Dereinrichtung’s- Bestseller
49Living1Jessica Sully
50The Handbook of Window Display1Nestor Castro
51Archaeology In the U.S.S.R.1S.Kiselyov, Publishing House Moscow 1959
52Homage to Greece1Katerina Wilczynski
53Creative Handbook Idea’s1Mary Jackson ellis
54Structure and Form In Japan Architectural Reflections’s1Warner Blaser.
55Furniture the Small Home1Margaret Merivale.
56Toy’s From the Toll’s at Beatrire Potter.1Margaret Hutching’s
57Knowing Your Dress Making1Maureen Goldsworthy.
58Thing’s Of Beauty1Vidya Dehejia
59Technical Art Serie’s1Illustration’s of Indian Architectural Decorative Work.
60The Sense of Born In Art1H. Wolfflin
61Japan Before Buddhism.1J.E. Kidder JT
62The Manufacture of Glass1L.M. Angus Butterworth
63A Hand book of Popular Artioues.1Katharine Morrison Mcblinton
64dk¡p foKku1Mk0 vkj0 pj.k
65Russion Art1Cyril G.E. Bunt
66Art’s And Craft,s of Rajasthan1Aman Nath and Francis Wacziarg.
67Arts And Crafts For Primary Grade Children1By Arhurs Green
68Female Magazines Beautiful Homes Malaysia and Sinapur1By MPH Magzines (S) PTE Ltd.
69Arts Del’ Asie Ancienne L’Asie Du Sud Es1L. Asi$ Du Suo-EST
70The Electrical Crafts1William H. Johnson Ph.D
71Arts and Kraft1viBuh;
72Macchine Per Ufficio Informativ Sistem Decision Ali1Olivetti
73Hkkjrh; dyk vkSj dykdkj1bZ dqekfjy Lokeh
74The Art Of Chanderi1R. Nath
75Practical Home mending Made Easy1Mary-Brooks Picken
76The English Home1By The Same Author English Costume
77Tibe Tan Art1By Lumirjisl
78Th Racian Treasures From1Bulgaria
79What is Design?1Paul Jacques Grillo
80Handicrafts of India1Kamala Devi Chattopadhyay
Der Tibtischen Kunst
1Veb Otto Harrasowitz Leipzig
82Museums of India National Handlooms Museum1Jyotindra Jain, Aarti Aggarcoata
83Lalit Kala Akademi1Moti Chandra
84Lalit Kala Akademi1Moti Chandra
85Art of the World China1By George Lawrence
86The Industrial Arts of India1George C.M. Birdwood C.S. 1 M.D. Edin.
87The Technology of Wood Work Metal Work1By Norman R. Rogers
88Summer Holiday1viBuh;
89Sculpture of Northern Nigeria1By Roy Sieber
90Lichten Rein1By Baron Vonfalz- Fein
91Decorative Iron Work Some Aspects of Design and Techique1Londan Rural Industries Bureau 1962
92dyk vkSj vk/kqfud izo`fr;k¡1jkepUnz ‘kqDyk
93Modern Book Design1By London Ruarimclean 1958
94Fifteen- Craftsmen on their Crafts1By John Farleigh 1945 London-The Sulvan Press
95Engineering-Moteriats1By A.W. Judge
96Rafia- Decorative Work Flowers Fruit And Foliage1By Elizabeth Lawson
97Nuresery- Furnishing and Decoration1By Rebert Forman F.R.S.A. F.I.B.D.
98The Taste of Our Time1By Albert- Skira
99The Modern Potter1By Ronald.G Cooker 1947
100In Loving Memory of My Father Malcol M. D. Wright1By Lillian M. Young.
101Schopfun Gen Gndisecher1By Ktaus Fischer
102The VI Kings
Johanees Brondsted
1By Estrid Bannister Good
103Decorating Coraptwory1By Mary- Abbott
104The Artistic
Practical Handicraft Series
1By F.J. Glass
105The Clothing Trades Industry1B.W. Poole, M.U.K.A.
106Assam Government Marketing Corporation Ltd.1R. K. Sarma
107Candle Manufacture1By Dr. N. N. Goubole M.A.B.Se. Ph.D. (Berlin)
108Dictionary of Arts And Crafts1John L. Stoutenburgh
109The Blacksmith’s Craft1By Rural Industries Bureau
110Laxman Pai1Jaya Appasamy S. A. Krishnan
111Masks1By Merdith Weatherby
112Lace Making1By Eleanor Page
113The Philosophy of Modern Art1By Herbert Road
114Things To Make From Odds And Encls1Search Press London and New York
115Raffia1Annie L. BEGG
116National Museum New Delhi1P. Banerjee
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S. No.Book NameQty.Author
1Modern Art1By Herbert Read
2Model Furniture Hope galloway1By Hope Galloway
3The Lampshade Book1By M.R. Griffith
4Wood Turning1J.C.S. Brough
5Machine Wood Working1By Robert E Smith Ph.D.
6Harmonize Your Home1By kay Hardy
7Applied Arts in Denmark1By Ager Christoffere
8Africa1By Hermann Goetz.
9Indonisia Fritsa. Wagnar1By Hermann Goetr
10World Furniture1By E.D. Galgotia
111601 Decorating Indeas For Modern Living1By Robert E. Wolf
12Make Your Own Modern Furniture1By Norman Eherner
13Country Crafts1By Berkeley P.S.
14The Complate Home Handy Woman1By Dawn Marsden
15Nepal1By M.L.D.
16New Furniture Catalogue1Pustak Mahal
17Contern Porary World Sculpture1By Mulk Raj Anand Published
18Handicrafts of India1M.N. Upadyay
20Book of Interior Decoration1By Flyzabeth T. Halsey
21Turned Woodwork1Junsfall Fall Tmallr
22Carpenter And Joiner1By N.W. Kay F. B.I.C.C. FRSA
23Woodwork From Waste Paul Matt1By Divid W. Robson
24Home Wood Work1By W.P. Matthew
25Wood Carving and Design1By Lynn Miller
26Wood Finishing1By H.T. Davey
27French Elighteenth Century1By Simon Watron Taylor
28Practical Woodworking Projects1By The Bruce Publishing
29Hand- Made Furniture Besigns1By C.C. Clarke
30Wood Working Machinery1By Robert H. Hardern
31Cabinet and Chair Makers1By Robert Manularing
32Wood Carving George Clack1By The Author And Other Illust.
33Furniture1By Len Hitts
34Wood Work1W.L. Showell
35Practical Upholstering1Mc Grow Hill
36Design From Scandinavia1By Saloprint Aps
37British Furniture Makers1By Adprint Limited
38Architecture From Scandinawa1Kirsten Bjerregaard
39Wood Work and Metal Work1By. Norman R. Rogers
40Visualized Projects1J. L. Sowers.
41How To Build Modern Furniture1Mario Dal Fabbro
42Wood Engravings1By Thomas Bwrickl
43Wood Engraving1By Eric Gill
44100 Problems In Wood Work1William A. De Vette Erie. P.A.
45Modern Furniture And Fittings1By John Hooper O.B.E.
46Practical Wood Pattern Making1By Jrobbrt Hall
47Wood Preservation1By George M. Hunt
48General Wood Working1Johnson And Newkirk
49Furniture Boys Like to Build1By Richard Shaver
50Furniture urniture Finishing1By Albert Brace Pattou
51Wood Working Industry1Robert H. Hardern
52Wood Pulp and its Uses1R. W. Sindall
53Creative Design in Furniture1Willam H. Varnum
54Wood Carving Practice First1By T.E. Waite
55A Manual On Wood Engraving1By L. A. Doust
56Wood Projects You Will Like1By Louis Baroca, M.S.
57General Wood Working1By Johnson and newkirk
58The History And Practice of Wood Craving1By Derek Gabrial Roger Pormiter
59Handicrafts Wood Work1By A.L. Keeble F. Coll. H.
60Furniture and Decoration1By Joseph Aronson
61Fine Furniture For the Amateur1By A.W. Marlow
62Polishes and Stainsfor Woods1By David Denning
63Wood Engraving And Wood Cute1By Elase Leighton
64Wood engravings1By Jhomas Bewick
65Woodcrving Practice Third Course1I.C. Wait B
66Wood Craving Practice Second Coursel1By T. E. Wailb
67Craft Workin Wood And Metal1By A. E. Leason. B. Se Eng. Land
68The Imitation of Woods And Marbles1By J. H. Butnhill
69Dry Rote Wood Worm Prevention1By J Dallas Cope
70Bench Note Wood Work1By E. B. Darlingtion
71Hand Craft Projects Solar1By Author And A. M. Carnwell
S. No.Book NameQty.Author
1Enameling On Metal-11Oppi Untrachat
2Enameling On Metal-21Oppi Untrachat
3Beaten Metal Work1A.C.Horth, F. Coll-H, F.R.S.A.
4Decorative Metal Work1Popular Science Publishing Company, Inc. New York
5Handicraft In Metal1A. J. Shirley
6Creative Metal Working1E.B. Mattson
,fIyd d’khnk
S. No.Book NameQty.Author
1Alpana1Publications Division Ministry of Information $ Brodcasting Govt. Of India.
2Needle Crafts 1 Appliaque1Search Press Londan $ Newyork
3Decorative Art of Asia And Egypt.1Verlag Ernst Wasmuth, Tubingan
4,fIyd fMtkbZu1——————————–
5The Practical Book Of Oriental Rugs1Dr. G. Griffin Lewis
6Cross-Stitch1Dhingra Publishing House. H-47, Street NO.-3, Luxmi Nagar, Delhi
7Stitches $ Samplers1Ondorisha Publishers, Ltd.
8Cross Stitch 300 Motifs1Ondorisha Publishers Ltd.
9The Collection Of Designs For Cross-Stitch1Ondorisha Publishers, Ltd.
10Attractive Cross-Stitch Designs.1Ondorisha Publishers, Ltd.
11Cross Stitch, embroidery Domestic Animal1De Dillmont-Mulhouse (France)
12Embroidery1Mary Gostelow
13Patchwork Quilting1Better Homes And Gardens Books.
14Modern Patch Work1Ondorisha Publishers. Ltd.
15Homage to Kalamkari1Marg Publishers.
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S. No.Book NameQty.Author
1The Pictorial Encyclopedia of Plants And Flowers1F. A. Novak Edited By J. Gbarton
2Orchids In Australia1By Fred Moulen
3Flower Painting1Awatson-Guptill Publication
4Hkkjr dh iqf”ir >kfM+;ka1,l0,y0 ftUny
5Flower Arranging1Violet Stevenson Illustrated By George Thompson June Baker And Eisie Wrigley
6Pushpa Bharathi Flowek Arrangements of India1By Dhanalah Shmi Fordvce
7The Family of Flowers1Iclustrated By Julia Morland And Andrew Crane
8Drawing And Painting Trees1By Adrian-Hill V.P.R.O.I.R.B.A.R.I.
9Trees of Northers Florida1Herman Kurz Robert K. God Frey
10The Art of (Grace Rymar) Florldesign1Illustrated with Photographs
11Artificial Flowers1By F.J. Christopher, F.R.S.A.
12Floral Art of Japan1By Issotel Nishikawa Revised
13Flowers In Nature and Design1By Fritzi Brod
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S. No.Book NameQty.Author
1The Wall Paintings of India Central Asia And Ceylon1By Benjamin Rowiand, JR.
2Zoo In Colour Jindrrch Marco Jaroslar Salek1Text By Jirimikolas Translated By IVO Havlu Designed by Jiri Rathousky
3Japanese Masters of The Colour Print1A Great Heritage of Ariental Art J. Hillier
4Album of Indian Paintings1Mulk Raj Anand
5M. S. Randhawa-Kangra Ragamala-Paintings1M. S. Randhawa
6Wall Paintings of The Western Himalayas1Mira Seth
7Emuy HUI Kntahc Kov Bonnh1Pa3aer Tbehh
8Emuy HUI Kntahc Kov Bonnh1Pa3aer Tbehh
9Emuy Hhbikhata ecko hbollhch1Tlpeavicrobhe
10How to Make A living as a Pinter1By Kenneth Harris
11Chinese Painting1Text By James Cahill
12Arab Painting1Text By Richard Etinghqusen
13Indian Painting1C. Sivaramamurti
14Award Winners1Gold Medal Shri- R.K. Gangadharan
15Indian Art In America1Frederick J. Dockstader
16House Painting Methods1By F.N. Vanderwalker
17The Chemical Technology of Dyeing and Printing1By Paul Wengrae and Herman. P. Baumann
18Textile Printing Materials Methods and Formulae1By Fred. F. Jacobs
19The Technique of Colour Mixing1By Leonard Richmond, R.O.I R.B.A.
20Painting For Amateurs1By J. H. Ous Bey-F.R.S.A.
21Phtna Painting1By Mildred Archer
22American Painting1By Smeets Lithographers Weert
23Folkcrafts. In Japan1By Soetsu Yanagi
24Indigo Prints of China1Compiled By Chai Fei Hsu Chen Peng Changshangsen and Wu-Shu-Sheng
25The Book Of Fine Prints1Books By Carizigrassr
26Printing Art For School1H.E.V. Gillham
27Hand Block Printing on Fabrics1Thomas J. Corbin A.R.C.A.
28House Painting Decorating1By Bernard E. Jones
29The Vulgarians1Osborn
30Chinese Painting1Text By James Cahill
31Bazaar Paintings of Calcutta1By W.G. Archer
32Japanese Ink Painting1By Florence Sakade
33Children’s Drawings From China1By Will China Girl of Eight
34Lino Prints1Margaret Dobson A.R.E.
35Still Life Drawing and Painting1By A.W. Browne
36The Painting Distempering and paper Hanging1K. Robson
37Egyptian Paintings1Nina M. Davies
38Suppller of All Tartans1viBuh;
39K.K. Hebber- Drawings and Paintings1G. Venkatachalmn
40India ,Paintings From , Ajanta Caves1madanjeet Sing
41China Paintings1viBuh;
S. No.Book NameQty.Author
1fVªd QksVksxzkQh1d`”.k dq0 vxzoky
2Photographic atmanac 1958132, Gravure picture’s
3Photo-Trick’s1Edwin Smith
4The Curopean’s Photography1Henri Cartier- Bresson
5Photographic Chemical’s1Eduart Schloemann P.H.D.
6Baby And Child Photography.1Burt Murphy.
7Dictionary at Photography1A.J.M. Sowerby
S. No.Book NameQty.Author
1Textiles1Norma Hollen, Jane Saddeer.
2Masterbiece’s of Indian Textiles Pieaces’s1Rustam J. Mehta
3Textile Design And Colour1William Watson F.T.I.
4A Study Of Some Early Islamic Textile’s1Nancy Pence Pritton
5Modern Textile Design And Production1R. H. Wright A.T.I.
6Pattern And Textiles1Dunkin Wedd
7Encyclopetia of Textile’s1American Fabric’s Magacine.
8Japan Textile Machine1T. Ishida the Japan Textile Machinery Industry.
ckfVd ¼Batik Silp½
S. No.Book NameQty.Author
1ckfVd1ljyk lqn’kZu
2Tie-dyeing and Batik1F. Anderson
3Batik For Beginner’s1Pitambar Book Depot
4Batik1Search Press London
S. No.Book NameQty.Author
1Indian Classical Dance1Kapila Vatsyayan
2The Art At Kathakali1Gayanacharya Avinasn C. Pandeya.
Qksd vkVZ¼Folk Art½
S. No.Book NameQty.Author
1Pahari Folk Art1O. C. Handa
2Indian Folk Art1Heinz Mode/ Syboch Chandra
3Marg.1Sarya Doshi
4Marg.1Kapila Vatsyayan.
5Mural’s of Ajanta India1The China-India Friendship Association
6Folk Art of Asia, Africa, and the Americas1Helmuth Th. Bossert.
7Art Treasure’s At The World1Eleonor C. Munro
8Marg.1Kari Khandalavala
9Drawings and Painting1Rabindra Nath Tagore.
10Landscape Painting1Frederic Taube’s
11The Folk Arts of Japan1Hugo Munsterberg.
S. No.Book NameQty.Author
1Audubon1By Roland C. Clement
2Birds of the World1Phyllis Barclay Smith
3Nature1With James Fisher Sir Julion Huxley Sir Gerald Barry, Drj Bronowski
4Birds of the World1By oriver L. Austin. Jr
by Arther Singer, By Herbert S. Zim
5Carving Wooden Animals1Leisure Crafts 5
6Nurseries Heaven of Bird’s1By Jorfride by May Dart.
Swedish Embroidery
S. No.Book NameQty.Author
1Embroidery for Children ClothingOndorisha Publishers Ltd.
2Floral Embroidery1Ondorisha Publishers Co. Ltd.
3Embroidery Designs.11981 Ondorisha Publishers Ltd. All Rights
4Huck Embraidery11982 Ondorisha Publishers Ltd. Rights
5Teach Yourself Embroidry1English Universities Press Ltd. Londan
6Swedish Embroidery1Eivor Fisher
7Embroidery Desians of the Mio People of China.1viBfu;s
S. No.Book NameQty.Author
1Intertor Decorating1Duncan Miller
2The Practical Book of Learning1Edward Strattion Halloway
eafnj ¼aTemple½
S. No.Book NameQty.Author
1The Hindu Temple1Stella Kramrisch
2The Hindu Temple1Stella Kramrisch
3Designs From Arissan Temples1By Kim Christen
flYoj f’kYi
S. No.Book NameQty.Author
1The Craft of Saxen Goldsmiths of Transylvania1Julius Bielz
2Indian Silvers Mithing1W. Ben. Hunt
3Silver1Margaret Holland
4Silver1Lucinda Fletcher
5Technical Art Series (Volume II)1E.B. Havell
Qsczhd isafVax
S. No.Book NameQty.Author
1Fabricating Simple Structures in Agricultural Engineering1Rural Industries Bureau 35 Camp Road, Wimbledon
2Child Photography made Eary1Josef A. Schneider
3The Testing of yarns and Fabrics1Harry P. Curtis. F.T.I.
4Fiber to Fabric1M. David Potter
Bernard P. Corbman
5Drawn Fabric Embroidery1Agnes M. Leach M. A. (cantab.)
6Hand Printed Fabric’s1Search Press London
CykWd isafVax
S. No.Book NameQty.Author
2Folk Arts of New China1The Foreign Languages Press Peking 1954. by Kuyuan
3The Costumes and Textiles of India1Jamila Brij Bhushan
S. No.Book NameQty.Author
1Costumes of India1Dorris Flynn
2Costume Patterns and Designs1Max Tilke
S. No.Book NameQty.Author
1Anatomy for the Artist1Jeno Barcray
S. No.Book NameQty.Author
1Buddhists1By Chinse Buddhist Association
S. No.Book NamevnnAuthor
1Eastern Ceramics1Gerold Reithinger
S. No.Book NameQty.Author
1Fishers of the World1By Le Danois Dr. Se
2Fisher of the World1Allan Cooper
dk”V ,oa iPphdj.k
S. No.Book NameQty.Author
1Le earbusier 1910-601Alectirantie ltd. London-wl
e`.ke; f’kYi
S. No.Book NameQty.Author
1Pottery in India1Gurcharan Sing
2Form and many forms of matter clay1Haku shah
3Chinese Art1Viking press inc Judith and Arthur Hart Burling
4Tamba Pottery1Daniel Rhode 5
5The Thames and Hudson Manual1Thames and Hudson
6The Arts of korea1Evelyn Inccune
7The ceramic Arts1William H. Johnson
8Painting on Wood1Search Press London
9Henry Hodges Pottery1Hamlun London, Some Books Melbourne.
10Pottery1Murray Field house
11Chinese Art1R. L. Hobson
12English Pottery Figures 1660-18601Reginald G. Haggar
13Lustre Ware of Spain1Alice Wilson Frothingham
14feÍh dh dyk1Jh lw;Znso Bkdqj m|ksx ,oa dyk fo’ks”kK
15Common Commuduities And Industries (Pottery)1Charles. J. Nrke And Harold. J. Plant
16Early Islamic Pottery1Arthur Lane
17Creative Ceramics1Katheimemorris Lester
18Indus Valley Painted Pottery1Richard of F.S. Starr
19Pottery for School s.1W.P. Parry
20Pottery Book China1viBuh;
21Papago India Pottery1Bennard. L. Fontana William J. Robinson Charles W. Cormack
dkyhu ¼Carpet’s½
S. No.Book NameQty.Author
1Indian Carpet’s and floor covering’s1Kamaladevi chottopadhyay
2Ryg’s and Carpet’s1Nathaniel Harris
3Oriental Carpet Design1P.R.J. Ford
4The Romance of the Cashmere Shahal1Massimo Listni
5Oriental Ryg’s1D. M. Field
6Oriental Carpet’s1Charle’s grant ellis.
7Hand Woven Carpet’s1A.F. Kendrick
8Design’s from the tunhuang Cavi’s1Wang Esun.
peZ ¼Leather½
S. No.Book NameQty.Author
1The Art of working with leather1Steven M. Edward’s
2Altheration of men’s clothing1Fairchild publications inc. Newyork
3Technologic Papir’s bureau of Stndard’s1S.W. Stratton
4Leather Work1L. Johnson
5General Leather Craft’s1Raymond Cherry
6Leather Work1F. J. Christopher
7Leatherwork1Wieny P. Klingensmith
fefFkyk isafVax
S. No.Book NameQty.Author
1The Art of Mithila1Yvis Veouart Thamis and Hydson
2;g Hkkjr1‘khyk/kj
3fefFkyk fp=f’kvk1d`”.k dqekj d’;I jp jkf’kokyk
4The Carthen Drum1Popul Jaya
5Krishna1National Museum New Delhi
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S. No.Book NameQty.Author
1Elementary Bamboo Work1Musajila takaki
2Arts. Ard. Crafts of HAWA II1Te Rangi Hiroa
3Baskets And Basketry1Doro thy wright
4Basic Basketry1W.A. HARRIS
5Simple Basketry for Homes and Schools1Mabel- Roffey
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S. No.Book NameQty.Author
1Jewellery of India1R.Subbu
2Master pieces of Indian Jewellery1D.B. Tarapore vala Son
3Jewellery and Personal Adornment in India1Kamala Dongerkery
4Agolden Treasury1Susan stronge Nima Smith And J.C Harlc
5Indian- Jewellery. ornaments And-Decorative Designs1Jamila BRIJ Bhushan
6Evitablatin. Gold Und SILBERSC HMUCK1Magazine
7Jewellery1Thomas Gentille
9RUSSIAN Deco rative arts And Jewellery of 17th 19th1STATE Hermitage Lenin Grad
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S. No.Book NameQty.Author
1Varied Occupations1LOVISA Walker
2IKAT- Textiles of India1Chelna. Desai
3Textiles for Modern Living1E.P.G. Gohi B.SC. A.T.I L.D. Vilensky B SC. B Comm
4A Hand Weavers work Book1Heather G. Thorpe
5By wary in Hand Weaving1viBuh;
6Foot Power Loom Weaving1Edward. F. worst
7The Mechnism Weaving1Thomas W. Fox. M.Sc. Tech
8Tricot Fabric Design1Thomas H. JOHN SON
9Application of Dyestuffs1Late. J. Merrittnattnew S.PHD.
10Block Cutting and Print Making by hand1Margaret Donson A.R.E
11Wool And Worsted Yarn Manu Facture1J.W. Radcllffe
12Hand Weaving for Pleasure And Profit1Harriette. J. Brown
13Textiles Testing1John. H, Skinkle
14Hand Book of Tanning1B.M. Das (Cal) M.S.C (Leeds)
15Basketry and weaving1P. OR. M.A.N
16Hand Weaving1By Hariettej Brown
17Common commodities1John Bhamberlain
18Hand weaving1Harriette. J. Brown
19A. short Dictionary of wiring1viBuh;
20A Hand Weavers work Book1Heathey G. Thorpe
Doll’s And Toy’s
S. No.Book NameQty.Author
1soft toys1sue Quinn
2Soft Toy’s to make for Children1Alison Lowe
3Home Made Doll’s in foreign dress1Nina R Jordan
4TheJumeau does Story1Nina S. davies
5Paper toy Making1R.R Tomlinson R.B.A A.R.C.A
6Let’s Make Doll Furniture1Eieen mercer.
7Classics of the doll’s world.1Nina S. davie’s
8Making and Ysing Finger Puppet’s1Margaret Hutching’s
9Creative Hanticraft gifts1Caroline oliver
10Toy Making1Lynn Miller
11More Soft Toy’s,1Mab’s Tyler
12Styffed Toys1Ontorisha publisher’s
13Creative Arts1Arthur S. Green
14Doll’s to make for fun and profit1Edith Feack ackley
15A Journey Through toy’s and1kamala s. dongerker
16Soft Toy Making1 Ouida Pearse
17Cork Toys You Can Make.1Genevieve Plquin
18Toy’s Play and Discipline in Childhood1Beatrire Tudor Hart.
19simple wooden Toy book1Bob Mathias
20Make it yourself Toy book1Robert Reever’s
21Lovable Mini Doll’s1Terumi Otaka
22Clementary Doll Making1National Council of Educutional Research And Traning
23Easy to Make Toy’s1C.A. Kunou
24Cross Stitch1Dhingea Publissing House.
25Master craftsmen 19681All India Handicraft’s Board.
26Japanese Doll’s1Tokubei Yamada
27Doll’s in Colour1Faith Eaton