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Aims & Objectives

Support Craft Production

  • To facilitate in formation and organization of S.H.Gs/ Co-operative societies/ associations of craft persons.
  • To promote establishment of common facilities centers and up-gradation of technology.
  • To acquire movable and immovable properties by purchase, lease, gift or rent and hold such properties in the name of the society for production and marketing initiatives.
Strengthen Craft Marketing Initiatives

  • Set-up craft parks for the promotion of handicrafts.
  • Organize buyers-sellers meet, craft exhibitions and bazaars.
  • Strengthen web based marketing and e-commerce avenues.
  • Conduct conferences, symposia, seminars, workshops, awareness camps etc.
  • Arrange publicity through electronic and print media.
  • Facilitate in obtaining patent /registering for G.I. for particular traditional handicrafts. To assist in of branding of particular traditional handicrafts and marketing of such craft products under that brand.
Establish craft resource bank/ preservation and revival

  • Develop craft data banks.
  • To manage the state crafts museum/ galleries.
  • Update both physical and digital craft archives.
  • To help in preservation and revival of languishing crafts.
Outreach, Collaboration and Network

  • Establish synergy among various development partners in the field of handicrafts.
  • To help craft persons/ associations in formulation of project reports.
  • To enter into collaborative arrangements with other organizations for transfer of improved technology, procurement of raw-materials, marketing and sale of handcrafted products.
Artisan welfare

  • Recognition of craft persons in the field of handicrafts by giving awards.
  • Registration of craft-persons/associations of craft persons.
  • To arrange welfare of crafts persons.
Consultancy and revenue generation

  • To raise funds by way of grants, loans, contribution including foreign aid, through and from Govt. of India, Govt. of Bihar, statutory corporations, bodies, financing institutions & other sources and to invest and expend funds so raised as per the decisions of the executive committee.
  • To promote savings and welfare of the society.
  • To impose fees/charges for the services rendered by the society.
  • To perform such other acts including execution of projects and programmes as Training and Assessment
  • To manage and supervise training centers.
  • To help setting-up of training centers at field level.
Design and product Development

  • To conduct examination for assessment of skill.
  • To certify quality of handcrafted products.
  • To manage and supervise the state level design centre in order to promote design development, product innovation and product diversification.
  • To conduct design development programs, arrange competitions among craft persons for development of new design.